Blueberry New Products

October 2018 - Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)  

New Blueberry Containing Products - North America (Gallery)

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Tom's Favorite products of the month!


October - 2018

Another non-dairy beverage with blueberry.

September - 2018

Lots of blueberry in this filling!

August - 2018

Made with 1 apple and 20 blueberries -- that's all!

July - 2018

Real blueberries in a meat terrine.

June - 2018

Filling with Blueberries -- #1 ingredient!

May - 2018

Oatmeal with whole dried blueberries.

April - 2018

Filling made with blueberry puree concentrate

March -2018

Chocolates with blueberry powder.

February - 2018

A drinkable beer brewed with real blueberries!

January - 2018

Veggies and Blueberry Juice.

December - 2018

Real blueberry oat clusters from "Big K!"

November - 2017

Dried blueberries and ancient grains!

October - 2017

Blue Buffalo does it again!

September - 2017

August - 2017

Blueberry Lassi!

July - 2017

Pate for dogs with blueberry!

June - 2017

New package with blueberries #1 fruit!

May - 2017

Lemonade simply made with blueberry puree.

April - 2017

More blueberries and ancient grains!

March - 2017

February - 2017

You will be hearing a lot about this drinking vinegar concept which is very popular in Asia and moving to North America.

January - 2017

This innovative company is marketing this real blueberry bar all over the world!

December 2016

An old favorite - with new look and real blueberries! 

November- 2016

More and more real blueberries in confectionery products. 

October- 2016


Here is the vanguard of the beauty from within craze. 

September - 2016

Some say "paleo" will be the next big thing -- with blueberries of course.

August 2016


More and more ancient grains combined with blueberries. 


July 2016

Bluegrass Bucha Blueberries and Cascace Hops

June 2016

Very simple, and very good. 

May 2016

At last whole blueberries from Brookside.


April 2016

This unique chocolate uses blueberry powder inside.


March 2016

February 2016


January 2016 

This new Korea product is revlutionizing the polybag blueberry!  7-portions so the consumer can get blueberry goodness every day of the week! 

December 2015

Baby food with blueberries is an emerging category and Plum has been a leader in combining blueberries with other healthful ingredients!

November 2015

A real blueberry smothie mix that is shelf stable!

October 2015

Drinkable yogurt milks or what are refered to as Kefir in the Middle East and Europe is a  booming category.   Adding blueberries adds to the consumer appeal!

September 2015

Here is to a beverage made from frozen blueberries!  



August 2015

Besides having a beautiful package, this nutrition shake mix containns real blueberry powder.  It takes a lot of blueberries to make a small amount of powder!

Nutrition Shake


July 2015

The Blueberry Guy loves the combination of blueberries in a fiber product. Blueberries are a source of fiber too and the message is strong!


June 2015

In this world of miniscule use of blueberries in some blueberry identified beverages -- this product stands out with "Just Blueberries!"  Bravo says the Blueberry Guy!

May 2015

Blueberry guy has stopped counting the huge number of Blueberry Greek Yogurts out there.   Now check out this new spin!  Creamy Kefir!


Creamy Kefir, from Croatia.   (An emerging category in the USA too!)

April 2015

Blueberry Guy has no idea if these Hello Kitty Blueberry Masks in Hong Kong contain any blueberries.   But anything with blueberries and Hello Kittty is goo in my book!


March 2015

This has got to be the Blueberry Guy's favorite product of the year and it is only March!   Imagine it takes more than 7 lbs of blueberries to make one lb of real blueberry powder.   This is a whole load of blueberries!  

Four Seasons Gourmet Foods Blueberry Powder
It takes 12 lbs of blueberries to make one lb of freeze dried blueberry!   A lot of antioxidant in a concentrated form!


February 2015

This is marketing!   

January 2015

Jams and Jellies are the real top user of blueberries in the world.    Thank you to all the proucers.   Here is an interesting twist on the concept with "Small batch" ultra premium jam.   This is batch # 507!



December 2014 

November 2014

October 2014








September 2014







August 2014








July 2014

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Quinoa with Agave

June 2014


Beef & Bison with Blueberries Recipe Superfood Dog Protein Bars


May 2014

Smoked Fish and Blueberry Treats For Dogs


April 2014


March 2014

Blueberry, Apple & Raspberry Oatmeal


February 2014

Lip Butter


January 2014

Fat Free Blueberry Muesli Cereal