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Newsletter Issue: 1st Quarter - 2018

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The Body Shop Worldwide:

This product, a facial butter from the Body Shop,

uses a blueberry seed oil!   Imagine how many seeds went into making this product. Has a very light blueberry aroma from the blueberry oil. According to MINTEL Global New Product Database (GNPD), it has been launched in at least 25 countries! It is especially popular in Asia.




Global Products:  This German-made product is marketed all over the world incljding this version in the Middle East



Blueberry Skin Food: From South Korea, this is one of the products that started the blueberry skin care craze.  Department stores in Korea sell huge volumes to visitors from Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan and now the product is global!



Vietnam Skincare:   The blueberry skin care mask has spread all over Southeast Asia in local brands.



Unilever - Features a combination of ingredients associated with health.




Latest New Beauty and Personal Care Products:

Check out this video on some of the new blueberry containing or blueberry identified beauty and personal care products introduced globally in 2018.






Hello from the world of "Bluetiful" Blueberries!  For years, I have been noticing the association of blueberries and beauty. Attending expositions in Asia, Middle East and even Australia -- I always ask visitors what is special about blueberries. Quite often young ladies point to their skin.   Recently we have seen a huge interest in use of blueberries as ingredients in health and beauty products. This includes skin care, soaps, facial masks and others. It all started in Asia, but now this has spread all over the world. Until recently, many of these products were heavy on blueberry identity on the pack and little or none inside.  Now with the availability of ingredient solutions such as fiber, seed oil, powder and extracts. We are starting to see the real thing!  


- Tom Payne

USHBC Food Industry Consultant




Q: Is there scientific research to back up blueberry skin care?  A: I have attended many natural cosmetic conferences and scientific meetings such as the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in New York. Until now, have not seen specific research on blueberries and benefits to skin care and other personal care. 


At a recent exposition in Japan called Cosme-Tokyo 2018, the organizer devoted an entire pavillion to natural cosmetic ingredients as well as a poster session on research from throughout Asia on plant-based ingredients for skin care.  


Here is the link to the USHBC website section on health research:  


Q: Is this a fad? 

A: According to the Organic Monitor, the worldwide market for natural cosmetics has risen from $7 billion in value in 2007 to more than $14 billion in 2017.

​>The market is expected to continue to grow to more than $21 billion within the next five years..

>Skincare accounts for more than 32%  with hair care 25% and natural cosmetics 22%.


Futureceuticals: Vita Blue is a USA- produced blueberry extract for natural cosmetics and health foods. Cosmetic chemists around the world are excited about this new made-in-the USA ingredient solution.

Blueberries in Natural Cosmetics

Look at the chart above and you will see that 827 new blueberry-containing or blueberry identified products were introduced in 2017 according to Mintel Global New Product Database (GNPD). 


Q: Where did this all begin?

A:  Tracks appear to lead to South Korea in 2008 when blueberry popularity began to soar. In tracking this down further, it seems that blueberries have been used in skin care as topical treatments  just about everywhere that blueberries are grown. This includes Native Americans and First Nations.



New Ingredients:


Blueberry Seeds: You can barely see them in a fresh or frozen blueberry. These seeds are a co-product after juice is pressed.  



Blueberryy Oil:  Here is the freshly pressed blueberry oil. Note it is green in tint and has a very appealing aroma and nutty flavor. (typical specfications)




Blueberry Seed Powder or Seed Fiber: After the oil is pressed, here is what is left. The seed fiber of powder is used in facial scrubs and also in food products.  





Beauty from Within!  On label translation: Crown Collagen Fruit Thuc Pham Bo Sung Blueberry (Blueberry Drink) contains collagen and aloe vera juice which helps to increase elasticity and rejuvenate skin. 




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