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Power of Blueberry Powder!

Why would anyone remove all of the moisture from a blueberry and grind it into a powder?  Look at the chart from MINTEL Global New Products Database (GNPD) and you will find more than 600 new products worldwide this year to date (September 2018) that include low-moisture blueberry powders. Walk the floors of food technology exhibitions from Chicago to Jakarta and see blueberry powders on display.   The reason:  Blueberry powder is an "ingredient solution."  Food processors need low-moisture, all-natural real fruit ingredients for today's manufacturing processes.   Blueberry powder is a wonderful solution to getting more and more blueberry into products in the USA and all around the world!   



>Consumer Packs.  Blueberry powders are packed in vacuum packs that keep product dry.   This is a perfect way to enjoy your daily dose of blueberry year-round.  

Consumer packs vary in sizes and materials. Some are foil pouches and vacuum packed to ensure freshness.  


>Ingredient Use.  Fruit powders such as blueberry are offered by some of the leading ingredient suppliers in the world.  End users include health food companies and major multinationals as well. Recently, some of the leading US food processors have declared their  intentions to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from product lines.  Blueberry powder is a natural ingredient that colors and flavors! 


Packing Information:

 >>Poly-lined corrugated cartons, sacks, totes and other containers.

>>Freeze dry powder should be no more than 2% moisture.

>>Microwave dried is slightly higher in the 7-12% moisture range.

The key to these products is low water activity ( aw) which allows the addition to products without the release of moisture.  This opens up avenues in cereals, snacks, confectionery and others.


Here is an excellent product from my friend Harley up in Bow, Washington. The word heritage refers to the older varieties of blueberries on his farm that deliver the blueberry flavor and aroma.


It is a big deal when you see a consumer product marketed at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!  Blueberry powder has gone mainstream.   Note the claim: 1 tablespoon = 17 blueberries!



This powdered smoothie mix contains real blueberry powder inside and blueberry identification out!


Imei, a leading Taiwanese food manufacturer has developed a line of all-fruit powders which are blended with ancient grains such as flax seed and chia. The product is sold in the beauty products section of pharmacies all over Asia.




Decades ago, a visionary blueberry grower stood up at a meeting and stated -- "We need to make a pill out of blueberries."  Today he would be amazed to see the current and expanding use of blueberry powders used as food ingredients.  What is driving this ingredient solution to market?  The word, "solution" is the key.  Low-moisture powders are a wonderful solution to get consumer-appealing Real BlueberriesInside all sorts of products. Check out blueberry powders!


- Tom Payne

USHBC Food Industry Consultant





Worldwide Appeal.

Blueberry powder use is going global. In 2018, here are the major countries where new blueberry powder offerings are identified:

Country - Product #

1. China - 68

2. South Korea - 65

3. USA - 53

4. Japan - 27

5. Australia - 24

6. Germany - 21

7. Canada - 19

8. Poland, UK - 17

9. France - 14

10. Indonesia - 14


Garden Lites USA adds blueberry powder and flakes to give their blueberry- filled muffin a flavor boost!


This meal replacement beverage from South Korea includes a powdered blueberry juice concentrate as the primary natural flavor.


Blueberry powder makes it possible to add blueberry boost to a low moisture cereal.


Only natural blueberry powder is good enough for baby teethers from Plum Organics in the USA!


This unique Russian product utilizes blueberry powder used to color and flavor a marshmallow!   

Blueberry Powders

The need for low moisture, long shelf life ingredient solutions has driven development of dozens of powdered blueberry products.

Freeze Dried Powder.  Whole frozen blueberries are placed in a vacuum chamber and undergo a lyophilization process where moisture is removed through a low pressure vacuum process. The result is a ultra low moisture blueberry which is marketed as whole or milled into a fine powder.

Microwave Dried Powders.  Whole fresh or frozen blueberries are placed in a microwave vacuum chamber where moisture is removed.   This results in low moisture whole micro-dry blueberries which are also milled into flakes and powders depending on product specifications.  

Powdered Blueberry Juice Concentrate.   Liquid blueberry juice, juice concentrate, purees and puree concentrates are flash dried in air dry, drum dry or freeze or microwave drying processes.  This product re-constitutes in water and is used in drink beverages.

Drum-Dried Powders.  Blueberries or puree are placed in a turning heated metal drum which tumbles the slurry.  Moisture is removed by heat and the lowered moisture blueberry is scraped off of the drum and milled into a powder.  

>>Ingredient Specifications:

Blueberry Powders are produced to meet product specifications for food products.

>Color is an important factor and powder must be a dark color and not gray or brown.  

>Size of particles is important normally powders are identified by screen size.

>Aroma and flavor.  It is all about blueberry and must have a fruity aroma and no off flavors.

>Some manufacturers look for specific amounts of skin or particulates in a product to show the blueberry color in a finished product.

2018 New Blueberry Powder Containing Products.


Here is what's new at Calbee in Japan.  Blueberry powder is extruded into cereal flakes to give flavor and color. 


Blueberry powder delivers the real blueberry flavor!  Moisture migration is a problem in utilizing fruit in chocolates and blueberry powder is the true solution!



Blueberry powder is used in pet foods as a functional ingredient. This Spanish produced treat is specially designed for indoor cats.    


Blue Buffalo fans will be glad to see natural blueberry powder used to flavor and color teething bones!





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