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Blueberry Cider!

Specialty cider is a booming category in Europe and North America.  Real blueberry juice works extremely well in commercial ciders like this one from up in BC! 



Real Blueberry Beer!

Us blueberry folk, just love beeer!  Here is a really great Belgian beer brewed with a huge percentage of real blueberry juice!   





Real Blueberry "Legal" Moonshine from Junior Johnson in North Carolina.

At 100 proof this neutral grain spirit is enhanced with real North Carolina Blueberries.   Junior Johnson is a legend in the South on the NASCAR track and off.   Thestory goes -- he only served time once for his "beverage trade."  


Blueberry Vodka.  

This New Zealand renditon of blueberry vodka has a mellow blueberry flavor and a kick!




Blueberry Mead:

This ancient beverage is making a comeback in North America.   Blueberries blend well with real honey and some "brewers" even use blueberry honey which is made from bees who pollinate blueberry farms.



Got a Favorite?

Send me a note as we are always on the hunt for blueberry products!

Blueberries & Happy Hour

Have you ever tasted blueberry wine?   A real blueberry wine made from nothing but blueberries!  Amazing stuff!  My first few experiences -- way, way back were with blueberry flavored wines.  Tasted like cough syrup.  Then each year, I receive a new one from a producer and wow!!!   Blueberry wines have come of age.  We have pure blueberry wines made all of the USA now, and some are winning awards, are exported to China and India.   We even have sparkling and dry blueberry wines!   Check it out!  And, here is my toast to blueberry adult beverages!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant



Blueberry Wines Gain Popularity

Blueberry wines have been around for some time.  Because of the high acid content of blueberries, they are not the easiest fruit to turn into wines.  Special techniques mut be employed including fruit selection and timing.  (See the recipe in the section below).  But, due to popular demand, blueberry wines are on the rise!  Check out the wineries listed below.  There are certainly many more.   Tell me about your favorite and if we missed any!


Alba Vineyards, NJ

blueberry and dessert

Banner Elk Winery, NC

Blacksmiths Winery,ME

Blueberry Sky Farm Winery, New York

Bluefield Esstates Winery, FL

Butler Winery, Indiana

Carie Chen Wines, KY

Casa de Sue Winery, LA

Catskill Cellars, NY

Charlotte Village Winery, VT

Cherry Knoll Farm, NY

Collin Oaks Winery, TX

Colorado Cellars, CO

Coopers Hawk Winery, FL

Duplin Winery, NC

Elk Creek Vineyards, KY

Fern Valley Winery, MI

Franklin Hillls Winery, PA

Glenhaven Farms Winery, NY

Glenora Wine Cellars, NY

Hanover Park Vineyard, NC

Holmberg Orchards, CT

Island Grove Farms, FL

Sorta Sweet and Kinda Dry

Keel and Curly, FL

dry, sweet

Leelanau Wines, MI

Linganore Wines, MD

Lynfred Winery, IL

Maize Valley Winery, OH

Mary Michelle Wine, IL

Montezuma Blue Moon Winery, NY

Mountain Bay Winery, WI

Mt Bethel Winery, AR

Nashoba Winery, MA

Semi Sweet Blueberry Wine

Peaks of Otter Vineyards, VA

Putney Mountain Winery, VT

RobbinettesWinery, MI

St. James Winery, MO

Springbank Farm, OR

Spurgeon Vineyard, WI

Tan Childs Winery, NY

Three Lakes Winery, WI

True Blue Winery, FL

The Winery at Marjim Manor, NY

The Winery at Wolf Creek, OH

Woodmill Winery, NC

Working Dog Winery, NJ


University of Florida Study documents blueberry wine antioxidants.  

A Florida study documented the levels of antioxidants in blueberry wines and results indicate blueberry wines do contian significant amounts of nturally occurring antioxidants.

(view research)

Q: How do you make a homemade blueberry wine?


1.     8 gallon earthen crock

2.     5 gallon glass bottle (or 5 one gallon jugs)

3.     rubber stoppers with one hole, to fit bottle or jugs

4.     rubber or plastic tubing for water sealing and racking

5.     juice press

6.     sterile bottles and corks for bottling wine A water seal is used during fermentation. The water seal keeps out oxygen (from the air) which causes growth of vinegar bacteria in the wine. Carbon dioxide gas formed during fermentation escapes by bubbling through the water of the seal. Fermentation is completed when bubbling stops. Soon after fermentation, a sediment may form on the bottom of the bottle. Siphon off the clear wine down to this sediment. Wash out sediment and pour wine back in the bottle until ready for bottling. Use sterile bottles and corks for bottling and storing wine. Store in cellar or other cool place.

Place ripe blueberries in earthenware crock. Pour one gallon hot water over berries for every gallon of fruit. Let stand three days, stirring twice daily. Press out juice. Add three pounds sugar to each gallon juice. Stir thoroughly to dissolve sugar. Let stand for three days. Strain. Pour into fermenting bottle or jugs. Use water seal process. Bottle in six months.  

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