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Newsletter Issue: Fall 2012

New Product Showcase




Früsh - Origin Food Group, North Carolina, USA.  A real healthy, shelf-stable blueberry smoothie!




Amarsi e Piacersi Fuoco, Italy.  Real blueberries!






Aeon, Japan.  Frozen Blueberries.  Not a new concept, but a nationwide rollout of frozen blueberries and a pack that tells the whole blueberry story!




Diet Drink, The Berry Store, Argentina.  Marketed for slimming, and sold at convenience stores.


Australia/New Zealand


Tip Top Frozen Dessert, New Zealand.  Real blueberries in a decadent desert!



New Pet Product 2012!


Isle of Dogs, Healthy Dog Food, United Kingdom.


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 Strangest Prouduct of the Year- 2012

"Blu Bewwy Too Tarts Smart" Sugar Free Blueberry Spray Candy from Innovative Candy Concepts, USA


2012 - Another Big Year for Blueberry New Products!  (New blueberry product introductions - below) Source: MINTEL Global New Products Database -Worldwide view by region.


When I used to travel to a foreign market, it was often difficult to find a blueberry product in a store.  Now -- they are everywhere.  2012 was an international year for the blueberry.  Europe and Asia are now pacing North America in the Blueberry New Product Derby! Watch Asia as they continue to churn out some of the most interesting new blueberry products on the planet!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant




Blueberry Bliss, Mother's Dairy, India

A top-selling ice cream flavor marketed on national television with blueberry identification and promotion!




Unilever, Israel.  Blueberry Granola Bars. Nice highbush image!




Snowflake Blueberry Mufins, South Africa.   Includes optimal levels of real blueberries!



Top 10 New Blueberry Product Countries! 2012

1.  USA  - 990

2. United Kingdom - 323

3. Canada - 314

4. Germany  323

5. China - 190

6. South Korea - 178

7. Australia - 144

8. Finland - 137

9. France - 133

10. Japan - 110


Cross-Country Trends

  • Blueberries prominent on pack
  • Antioxidant information
  • Attached to health and beauty positioning
  • Sports and athletic usage.



Blueberry New Products on Rise Worldwide!

Almost a century ago, Elizabeth White started her highbush experiments in New Jersey.  Could she have imagined that this wonderful fruit would end up in more than 33,000 food products around the world!  

New Products 2012  

 - This was another big year for highbush blueberries with more than 1,300 new products.  Compare this to 346 in 2000  - which by the way was the year the USHBC began its promotions to the food industry. 

World - Blueberries continue explosive growth in the world food industry.  In 2012, more than  2,615 new blueberry containing products were launched in countries outside of North America.

Europe - Still the traditional user of blueberries in food products.  In 2012, more than 1,467 new blueberry-containing products were launched.  This is compared to 213 in the year 2000.

Asia - Decades ago -- we were told that "Asians did not like blueberries."  Not anymore!  In 2012, more than 877 new blueberry containing products were launched.  Compare that to: 119 in the year 2000.  We see more and more rapid growth and perhaps twice this amount next year.  USHBC focuses promotional efforts in these high-potential markets.

Latin America - New blueberry production has given  Latin Americans a taste for blueberries.  Food processors in the region are boosting consumer appeal with blueberry ingredients.  In 2012, more than 168 new blueberry-containing products were produced in the region.  In 2000--there were none!


Africa & Middle East.

USHBC has begun market development work in these regions with great food traditions and little exposure to blueberries. Driven by health-related information -- especially blueberries and diabetes -- manufacturers are driving new blueberry products to market.  In 2012, 99 new blueberry-containing products were introduced in the region. Compare that to 11 in 2000.  



Chart: Above lists new blueberry prouduct usage categories for the world from 2010-2012.    Blueberries are used in much more than the traditional spreads with dairy now the top product category.


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