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Blueberry Beauty!

Blueberries use is increasing in natural cosmetics abroad and in North America! We noticed the trend in South Korea with blueberry face masks for night treatments called, "skin food!" Along came skin crèmes, shampoos and scrubs.  Now, there are salons creating and selling freshly made blueberry cosmetics using blueberries and other natural ingredients mixed into topical applications! In this issue we feature a number of recent blueberry cosmetics. 



Blueberry Body Butter



Blueberry Firming Mask




Blueberry Smoothie Scrub



Blueberry Face Mask - Korea




Years ago, one of my colleagues mentioned that he thought the blueberry-antioxidant and health messages were too complex to ever be understood by our consumers.  Was he ever wrong!  I just attended a research briefing on a new study which documented a huge understanding and interest in blueberry health benefits in the USA.   Amazing stuff. In the next Berry Latest we will focus on some incredible results that indicate a healthy future for our industry and customers! 


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant






Beauty from Within!

This is an emerging category in the global food industry. Ingredients such as collagen and blueberries are concocted into consumed products for skin care.  Keep an eye on this category as many analysts think it will be huge in the future. 


Beauty from Within Textbook

Supply + Demand = Opportunity!

Looks like another great blueberry harvest!  The good news is that fresh, frozen and other processed blueberry products will be in good supply.  Demand is at an all time high and new product totals look to eclipse last year's total.

This supply + demand situation spells opportunity for food processors. (above chart is mid year 2013)  Looks like we will exceed 2012! (Mintel Global New Products Database)

Health "Halo" - Manufacturers have discovered that blueberries sell!  That is why you always see big beautiful blueberries on packages.

Value - Blueberries are at the most reasonable level in years, and the market looks good for years to come.

Innovation.  Blueberries are showing  up more and more in exciting and interesting categories. New blueberry formats such as dried powder, fiber and extracts are driving blueberry innovation into  non food areas. 

Check out highbush blueberries and capitalize on the formula: Blueberry Supply + Blueberry Demand = Great Opportunities!

Blueberries in Cosmetics!

Blueberries are a  hot new ingredient in "Cosmaceuticals."  This multi-billion dollar category is capitalizing on the popularity of blueberries. There are hundreds of applications worldwide!


Cosmetic Ingredients

We are often asked -- just how do you use blueberries in cosmetics?  

Juice and Concentrate -  A 65 Brix blueberry juice  concentrate is used in Asian skin products, especially masks.  The mask is kept on the face and Korean women claim it really works!

Powders and Fibers - Blueberry powder is made from a milled freeze-dry blueberry. It has the content of a whole blueberry and it takes around 12 lb of blueberry to make one lb. Fiber is a by product of the puree process and includes the beneficial skins which contain the dark pigment.

Fresh and Frozen Blueberries 

Natural blueberries are mixed into fresh cosmetics along with other natural ingredients -- sometimes at "skin care shops."



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