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Planet Blueberry!

Welcome to our little blue world!  This electronic microscope image of a fresh highbush blueberry was published in the Daily Telegraph in the United Kingdom.   Check out this and other interesting items at the Food Tech/International Blog.  New posts occur frequently and you never know what to expect!

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Blueberry Beauty Promotion Korea - Debut of Blue-Me the mascot!


Blueberry "Run-Girl" Promotions - Japan (Fräu Magazine)


Master-Chef Brar - India Spokesperson bridges East-West with Blueberries


Fresh Foodservice Promotion-  Japan






Welcome back to the Blueberry Food Tech and Export World!


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- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant



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New Products Leap Worldwide!

Check out the latest new-product statistics!  Almost 2,000 new products with blueberries have been introduced this year  worldwide!  We have six months to go!

>In the USA, some of the leading national brands have launched new blueberry products

>Companies are flashing beautiful images of blueberries.

>About 75 % of all products contain adequate amounts of blueberries and 25% optimal amounts!   The other 25% -- we are working on them.

Check out our blueberry new product list which is updated monthly.  <new product list>


US Blueberry Exports Soar!

USHBC continues to make progress in export markets.

In 2014-- More than 80 million lbs of US blueberries were shipped to non-Canadian export markets.


Chart ˄ US Highbush Blueberry Exports

000,KG. (non-Canadian markets)  as of May 30, 2015

2014 USA Exports to non-Canadian Markets

=  36.41 million kg.

=  80.2 million lb.

Growth since 2010 =  +48% gain

2015 pace ahead of 2014.


Chart: US Highbush Blueberry  Export Markets .


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