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Let's Hear it for Timmy!

Looking for a donut and a great cup of coffee in Canada -- look no further than Tim Hortons. Timmy is a big booster of blueberries as well with bakers dozens of items on the menu and seasonal specialties as well.





Canada's own superfruit beverage!


Duck and blueberry pate!

Real Superfruit Gummies!





Blueberry Sausage - a new tradition!


More from Tim Horton.   Tom's Favorite, the Blueberry Filled Donut.   Note the Canadian spelling of Doughnut!


Be in Touch!

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Source: Mintel Global New Products Database  (partial 2014)

Oh Canada!   We often forget that Canada is the leading market in the world for US blueberries.   British Columbia was a charter member of the North American Blueberry Council and has alway been a strong pillar of our North American marketing team!  Even our current USHBC Chairman, Parm Bains is from BC!    This issue we salute our  good neighbors to the north and say -- it is "aboot" time!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant



Just call them Blueberries

Have you noticed the billingual description "bluets" on clamshell packs of fresh bleberries.   This is the French-Candian term for a fresh blueberry.  It literally means small blue flower.   Outside of Quebec, the blueberry is called -- a blueberry!



Canadian Heritage:

Blueberries have been part of First Nations and Metis life in Canada for Centuries.    Blueberries were used in healing, dietary supplements, and general health.  Check out the dozens of excellent reference guides for blueberries in Canadian literature.  Blueberries were considered a gift from the "Great Spirit."

First Nations Blueberry Uses:

  • Placed blankets under bushes and shook to harvest.
  • Sun dried and smoke dried blueberries for preservation.
  • Mashed a powdered blueberry into meats as a preservative.
  • Consumed blueberries for strength and women's health.


Canada Loves Blueberries!

The US and Canada are two countries who share a common love for blueberries.

  • Per capita consumption of blueberries in Canada has paced the rapid rise in the USA which is more than 1.5 lbs per person.
  • Canadian food processors are launching around 300 new blueberry-containing products per year. 
  • Canada is an early-enabler for new blueberry products and developed some of the first blueberry pet foods, cosmetics, bars, cereals and other items including blueberries. 

Blueberries: A Canadian Tradition!

Recently a consumer movement has risen in Canada to officially name the blueberry as the national fruit.   After all, it is the leading fruit crop in Canada.    Highbush blueberries are grown in abundance in British Columbia in the West and in Ontario in the East.  Lowbush blueberries grow in Quebec and Maritime Provinces of the East.  Did you know that native wild blueberries grow all over the norther parts of Canada including the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut.   First Nations (aboriginal native-Canadians) have cherished blueberries for centuries and include the fruit, leaves and bark in traditional medicine.    Canada has it's own rich food history and heritage and blueberries will always be our favorite shot on goal!



Blueberry Kefir - A Baltic version of a smoothie!



No Blueberry Poutine ...yet!

(fried potatoes, curd, gravy and cheese).  But, we are working on it!

(Above: US Blueberry Exports to Canada, USD

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