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Blueberry Powder/Fiber

Check out the new super-star ingredient in the blueberry world.  Blueberry powder is made from freeze dry/microdry blueberries and contains the whole berry which is freeze dried, and then milled to a fine powder.  The product has a deep purple/blue color, nice aroma and taste of blueberry.

The product works well in extruded cereals, capsules and even in natural cosmetics.



Blueberry powder is used in nightime beauty masks in South Korea 


Cereal companies add blueberry powder to extruded products.


Blueberry powder is used to flavor low moisture grain bars including baby teethers.


Further processed chart>>>

We continually learn of new blueberry further processed ingredients.  If you see one we have not identified let me know!


Welcome back to the Blueberry Food Tech and Export World!


A lot has changed in the food industry in the past 25 years.   In fact many of the new products including blueberries today are produced with technologies that did not even exist back then.  Food processors demand ingredients that are compatible to processes -- especially in dry and semi-dry products.  The blueberry industry has reacted with a whole range of "further-processed" ingredients that are ready to use.  This issue we take a look at blueberry powder!  Remember -- it takes up to12 lbs/kg to make one!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant


Low-Moisture Blueberries

Year-to year we are seeing a rapid rise in demand for low moisture, dried, and powdered blueberry.   The major use has been in the baking industry integrated into doughs, cereals and snack foods.  The product works well in extrusion and maintains flavor and aroma of blueberry in the end product.  Most important -- the powdered blueberry maintains all of the goodness of frozen blueberries including nutrients and antioxidants.  In fact, powdered blueberries are used in most health related research programs.


Blueberry Pomace and Fiber

These products are made from the puree and juice process.  The skins and minute seeds are removed into wet pomace. The pomace is dried into a fiber and milled to different mesh sizes.   The product is about 72.34% dietary fiber with 67.27% insoluble and 5.07% soluble.

This product is in demand in pet foods, for extruded snacks and mixes.


Blueberry fiber adds substance to Trader Joe's Mini Cakes.

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