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Newsletter Issue: March-April 2015

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Costco  Dried nfused Blueberries


20 oz Pack of Blueberries

Check out the beautiful new packing for Kirkland Brand--the Costco store brand.   


Super Foodie Slice, Australia


Superfoods Club - A number of ingredients such as blueberries are identified as "superfoods." Food processors are mixing these ingredients in products like this pack from Australia where healthy snacking is big business..



Blueberry Nut Mix, Korea


The Korean Snack Food "Wave."   Always the leader in trends -- Korean food manufacturers offer blends of nuts, fruits and grains in porrige like products that are consumed  dry as snacks 



Blueberry-Hawthorne Snack, China


China Nutraceutical Snacks.   Food is medicine in China and thousands of food ingredients including blueberries, hawthorn berries, and native pine nuts are frequently blended in snack food mixtures.


New Product thmbnails and charts from MINTEL Global New Product Database




It's snack time!   

We al think of blueberries as fresh and frozen!   Now more and more blueberries are utilized in snack mixes.   Dried, freeze-dried and even new micro-dried blieberries are utilized in snacks from nut mixes to snack packs!

Keep on snacking!


Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant





Blueberries in Snacks

Dehydrated and other low- moisture blueberries are ideal for snack foods!  

Value Added -  Take a new look at dried blueberries for your snack product.   The prouduct is made from frozen blueberries which are normally infused with sweeteners.  It takes 3.5 lbs of frozen blueberry to make one lb. of dried infused blueberry.  Steady supplies of frozen blueberry have put dried blueberry pricing in a win-win situation!   Check them out!

Value - Compatibility.   Low- moisture blueberries have a low water activity of 0.5-0.6 so they work well with dried ingredients such as nuts and grains.  

Flavor.  Dried blueberries have a distinctive and delightful flavor that is compatble to salty and savory mixe.    They are free flowing and stand up to packing and shipping.

Appeal.   Consumers are looking for super ingredients.   We are seeing more and more blueberries with nut mixes, antioxidant rich chocolate mixes abd others.



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