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Newsletter Issue: November/December 2016

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Product of the year!

Tom's choice is from Big K!  The Oats and Berries waffle includes dried blueberries.  "Real Blueberries" are identified prominently on the package. This one product utilizes a lot of highbush blueberries each year. 



Tom's Personal Favorite.  

Finally, a really good tasting blueberry beer -- and it took a New Orleans brewer to collaborate with local growers to succeed.  I plan a visit to New Orleans to test further...


Most Innovative! 

General Mils proclaimed that they would remove artificial colors and flavors from their product lines.  Here is an excellent example how blueberry powder was baked into a cereal for flavor and color!  Note the "Real- Blueberry" identification on the pack!


Beauty From Within!

Blueberries and beauty positioned products hit the marketplace in 2016. Stay tuned for more and more.





Year-end - 2016 New Product Wrap Up.


Several times each year we publish a colorful chart which shows new product counts.  This information is obtained from a research service called Mintel.  The Global New Product Database (GNPD) collects new product photos, descriptions and ingredient statements from at home and around the world.  This includes human foods, pet foods, cosmetics, healthcare and household items.   We continually monitor this information to monitor performance, identify trends and to get to know our blueberry customers .(19,580 new blueberry products since 1996!)


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant



Up and Coming Category.

Drinkable yogurts like Kefir, Lassi as they say in India, are coming on strong in North America. 


Top Categories 2000-2005

>Bakery (24.6%)

>Dairy (11.7%)

>Snacks (10.2%)

>Spreads (8.5%)

New Blueberry Products Rebound in 2016.

This year, 825 new blueberry-containing products were launched in Canada and the USA. While not as amazing as the record year in 2012 -- this shows that products are moving from the research and development laboratories to marketplace.  The value-added proposition of including blueberries is more valuable than ever!  Let's take a look at some of the most interesting products of 2016:


Ancient & Super Grains and Seeds.

This was the year of exotic grains such as quinoa, flaxseed, and teff and hempseed.   While this has been around a long, long time in the natural food business-- more and more mainstream companies are launching multi grain cereals and many include dried blueberries.



Baby Food Boom.

Gourmet baby food products were launched in 2016 with combinations of oats, vegetables like kale, carrots and of course blueberries!  "Anything for baby!"



Top Categories 2010-2015

>Snacks (13.3%)

>Bakery (12.9%)

>Dairy (11.9%)

>Pet Food (8.3%)



Stay tuned for next issue which will continue the look at New Products -- 2016  

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