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Newsletter Issue: Nov-Dec 2014

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Blueberries Match Trends in 2014!

Blueberries are on the leading edge of some of the most interesting products introduced in 2014.

Women's Foods.   Note the Luna Bar (From Cliff Bar) above which is marketed to active women.    The new blueberry product utilizes dried blueberries, blueberry concentrate and lots of identification on the label!   notice the "gluten free" claim!


Adult Dog Food


Pet Foods!    Yes, these days it seems that everyone has an old dog at home.  All of us know that each vet visit is $200+ and we will do anything to keep "old Duke" happy and healthy.   A whole new generation of pet foods have been launched in 2014 and many seem targeted towards to doggie elder care. Note that blueberries are now on the labels and more and more prominent each year.  




The message continues to resonate.   Check out these new small shot beverages with blueberry juice.





Thank you for reading the Berry Latest this year.   It has been a good one and we are happy to see some of the new concepts dicussed in this newsletter appear on the shelf!  

Here is to a wonderful 2015 for us all!   Toast with Blueberry Chamagne!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant





Baby Foods

This is an emerging category in the global food industry. Ingredients such as collagen and blueberries are concocted into consumed products for skin care.  Keep an eye on this category as many analysts think it will be huge in the future. 


Supply + Demand = Opportunity!

Well, another year has passed and blueberry new product development continues.  Two very strong years in a row for solid blueberry product development in North America.   My take away: 

Pet Foods - They are still on a roll. Now more and more dog and cat foods include blueberries and are touting the fruit on the pack! Women's Foods.    Blueberries are positioned as a health and beauty ingredient in bars, and beverages.    Some of these products contain maximum amounts of blueberry and are paired with flax seed, chia and all sorts of other healthy ingredients.   Baby Foods!   Yes, more and more child oriented foods are including blueberries including purees, drinks and porridges.

Health Care.   Blueberries and co products are utilized more and more in health care items in the pharmacy section.    This includes powders, extracts and fibers.  

Cosmetics:    The natural cosmetic wave is spreading from Asia, and more and more "Skin Food" type of products such as lotions, face masks and other topical applications are now available in the   USA.    


Health Care

Here is an example of the use of blueberries in health care items. You will see this more and more in the near future.  Some of these products are using freeze dried blueberry powders!

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