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Dog and Master Energy Bar - USA

Blueberry Yogurt Chews from Finland



Superfoods term now used in pet category!



Cat treat for improved eyesight for the pet.



Line Extension of popular blueberry mix



Blueberry Pet Foods specifically for the older dog





When we first started talking about blueberry use in pet foods,  i wondered if it was a fad and woud go away as fast as it arrived.   Here we are in 2014 and the trend continues to grow!     Pet foods are using more and more blueberries and now the trend is spreading around the world.  What is driving this phenomena:   More and more research is documenting the anti-aging effects of blueberries in the human diet.  From my personal experience -- everyone has an old dog or cat at home and we will do anything to keep this trusted friend at home and away from the vet!   


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant





Pawberry Cobbler -- Baked in the Pacific Northwest


Duo Layer Fruit Bar for Dogs.


Pet Food Update 2014!

look at the chart above and looks normal  until you realize that this bar shows statistics for blueberry pet foods until the end of April 2014!   The blueberry pet food craze continues and should double the normal year end count!


Overseas Action:  This year we see more and more new

blueberry-containing pet foods overseas.  Europe and especially Scandinavia are active.  But, check out this pet beauty bar from Japan!



Ingredient Origin Matters:

Pet owners are very particular about the ingredients in pet foods.  A growing trend is the use of USA or North American ingredients on a pack.  In Asia there have been big scandals on harmful ingredients in locally produced pet foods and consumers look for the seal of approval.


Specialization:   More and more pet foods are utilizing ingredient function for health.  This includes: skin and coat health, urinary tract infection prevention for cats, eye health and subtle reference to disease prevention and anti-aging. 



Doggie Desserts, South Africa

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