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Planet Blueberry!

Here is a photo of a blueberry under an electron microscope.  Note the blue skin and internal structure.  Soft skin varieties of blueberries work best in jam, jelly and filling manufacture.  They exude juice and flavor and integrate well into a filling.



Here is an example of a Duke variety of blueberry from the USA.  This and a number of other "processed" varieties are perfect for filling manufacture.


Here is an example of a "Blue Crop" variety.  This is one of the preferred varieties for filling manufacture.   It has a mild flavor, soft skin and lots of juice that makes a filling desirable.


Case Study: Malaysia

Harvest Bakery Ingredients SDN BHD in Selangor, Malaysia is a pioneer in bringing quality USA bakery fillings to Southeast Asia.   Teck Guan, Lim and his crew have imported EFCO fillings from the USA for distribution and the main item -- blueberry!  

Harvest sees the quality difference of using the fillings made with North American frozen blueberries which feature soft skin, sweet taste and even integraton into filling batches.   Although there are often lower cost alternatives -- in the long run the customer wins with quality fillings that perform in quality products.

Harvest has been awarded the prestigeous Blue Dynamo Award for Innovation - 2016 - for continual efforts to promote US produced blueberry fillings and other products in the Malaysian bakery market.




Let's hear it for bakery fillings.


Over the years the filling and jam and jelly category has been a loyal and steady customer for US Highbush Blueberries.  Thanks to the wonderful companies who purchase millions of lbs/kg of blueberries to process into sweet spreads that are cherished around the world.


All blueberries are not alike!  Experienced filling manufacturers know that soft skin blueberries work best in commercial processing.  They exude flavor and color, integrate well into the jam and have wonderful flavors.


In the past few years, firm skinned blueberry varieties that are produced for fresh markets have found their way to filling manufacturers abroad.  Unlike soft skinned varieties -- the firm ones which are ideal for fresh and polybag -- stay intact and do not exude juice and flavor. 


Our message -- stick with the proven product from manufacturers who have produced fillings for decades!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant



The USHBC Little Blue Dynamo Award is presented to innovative blueberry products in the USA and around the world.   These products utilize optimal levels of blueberries, showcase blueberries on pack and have the "Blueberry Spirit!"

Last year's winners include:

>Happy Baby Products

>The Jam Stand

>Garden Delights Muffins.

>Muffin Mam low fat Muffins

>Treat Simple pet foods.

Next month complete descriptions.

Harvest Bakery Ingredients SDN BHD has been awarded a special award of merit for developing the market for real blueberry fillings in the Malaysian market!




Filling Frenzy!

The baking industry at home and abroad is a huge and loyal user of blueberries.   Most bakeries rely on steady and constant supplies of quality fillings.   Overseas in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and others -- fillings are the preferred method to import the goodness of blueberry.  The fillings are specially made for local taste, contain high percentages of fruit and most importantly feature consistent integration of berries and flavor profiles.



Make sure it is real -- USA



How do you ensure that the filling product is from the USA.  Look for the country of origin on the label.   In the future, you will see the Real Blueberry Seal which will tell the story.  Consumers are looking for products made with USA blueberries and the seal is a great way to show it off!



Case Study: Korea.

Korean bakers have learned the value of US-produced bakery fillings.  Research conducted at various laboratories and companies have determined that fillings made with US processed blueberry varieties result in easier and improved quality and fruit flavor and integration.  In fact -- Korean companies pay a premium for US blueberries.


USA Spotlight - The Jam Stand!

Congratulations to the Jam Stand for Creative Innovation in "You're My Boy  Blueberry Bourbon Jam!"


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