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Newsletter Issue: Sept/Oct 2015

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Blueberry Nation!

Australians love good food and demand the best!

>Fresh blueberries are the favorite and all stores feature large displays when they can.   Some of the leading retailers are yearning for product from the Northern Hemisphere to fill the gaps when local production is not available.



First US Blueberry Exhibition in Australia!


Australians are health conscious and seek products which provide functional benefits such as probiotics.


 Woolworth's Blueberry Ripple Ice cream.   Food processors appreciate the positive image of blueberries and prominently feature the blueberry name.



Dried Blueberries.  Note the window to look inside the pack!  This is a new item that is gaining popularity in this fruit consuming country.



Dried Blueberry in Flaxseed Cereal.   Australia is a pioneering country in natural and health food production.   Ingredients such as flaxseed, and chia are paired with blueberries to provide consumer appeal and functional benefits.




G'day mates!  

I am just back from my first visit to Australia and was captivated by this blueberry-loving nation!

Fine Foods Australia September 16-18 2015



>Supermarket shelves are stocked with large displays of fresh blueberries during the Southern Hemisphere production season.  

>Australian companies feature frozen, dried and other blueberry ingredients in dozens of innovative and trendsetting products.  They use adequate amounts because their consumers are picky and want to see the blueberries!

>Buyers, end users and consumers see North America blueberries as a clean and safe source of blueberries.


Australia is a long-time trading partner with US blueberry producers and we are grateful for this business.  In the future, we hope to also gain access for fresh blueberries to meet the current and future demand and to keep blueberries in the stores and on the shelves year round!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food Industry Consultant



Fresh Blueberries


Australians are crazy about fresh blueberries and the store shelves are "blueberry-bare" for part of the year when local production is out of season.   USHBC is working with USDA-APHIS to help gain market access for fresh US blueberries.



Population: 24 million

Per capita blueberry consumption = 1.4 lbs per capita.   (.52 kg) 

Some food industry experts believe this figure could climb fast when more imported fresh blueberries are allowed into Australia.   



US Blueberry Exports Soar!

More than 3 million kg 96.6 million lbs) in 2014 and looks to exceed that in 2015!


Frozen blueberries are king in Australia and most go to food processing for preserves, sauces and fillings that are used in other products.

Australia also has a thriving polybag demand -- especially in months when local fresh blueberries are out of season.




Blueberries in Syrup are a popular way for Australians to consuume blueberries when local fresh blueberries are not avaialble.


Australians love fresh and processed juices and blueberry juice is a popular offering.



Cereal bars are the rage and more and more are including dried blueberries.

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