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Moonstruck: A Portlandia favorite!

The gluten free product is described as a delicious whole dried blueberrie tumbled in layers of decadent 68% cacao dark chocolate.  We recently brought a group of Chinese editors to Moonstruck and they loved it!




Now, how about that for blueberry identification.   


Note the REAL BLUEBERRY label!   


Combines trendy quinoa and popular blueberries in a confectionery bar!




Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and real blueberries.


Blueberries are integrated into a creme filing in this chocolate bar. 


Magic blueberry candy from the Arctic.

What makes this magic?  It contains 47% blueberry by weight in a creme filling!


Source: Mintel Global New Products Database  (partial 2014)


We all love Candy!   Recently the USDA published statistics that blueberry consumption in the USA had risen to more than 1.5 lbs per person.   This is a huge leap in just a decade!  Then I read that chocolate consumption was soaring above 5 to six lbs per capita.  A fast growing category is the dark chocolate -- which are often touted as high in beneficial antioxidants.   What a great combination -- blueberries and chocolates.   Check out some of the great products launched this year!  All use real blueberries and show blueberries prominently on the package!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant



How blueberries are used in confectionery.

Most candy products now contain infused-dried bloueberries as a base for panning with chocolate.   Truffles and other creme candies typically use a freeze dried powder.   Some candy makers use purees and concentrates for production of gels and interior fillings.   


A New Turkish delight!

Turkey is sweet for their traditional Turkish Delight candy which is a firm jelly with fruits and nuts -- and now bleberries!    Turks also love dark chocolate and blueberries are a natural combination.  Today you can find dried blueberries in traditional dried fruit markets next to apricots and sultanas.   

Melty blueberry kiss from Japan:

The Japanese produce some of the finest chocolates in the world with a very soft and mellow flavor.   The "Melty Kiss" line features freeze dry blueberry powder in a chocolate with cocoa coating.


Blueberry art from Belgium >>>

This Bloom blueberry truffle is too pretty to consume, with specially designed calyx on top.   


Emily's dream comes true!

For decades we have seen our friends from Emily's Confectionery at exhibitions around the world touting their exquisite chocolate coated blueberry!   Now this item is in stores all around the world and helped spur the development of dozens of new blueberry items.  In 2014 alone there have been 100 major nationwide developments of blueberry candies, and the momentum continues.

  • Most blueberry candies require low moisture dried blueberries as a base.
  • Stable supplies of dried blueberries have given chocolate manufacturers a great opportunity to launch long-term new product initiatives
  • Chocolate is recognized as a healthy antioxidant rich ingredient and this meshes well with the image of the blueberry for a one-two marketing punch.
  • Note the number of candy products with prominent use of blueberry are on the label.   Manufacturers are also adding lines such as: "Real Blueberries." 


Blueberry bars from Finland!

Karl Fazer in Helsinki is world famous for vodka chocolates.   With a huge interest in blueberries in Finland they have developed high-quality blueberry chocolates that are marketed all over Scandinavia.  


Even the French love Blueberry Candies!   

Call them myrtilles, bluets or just blueberries.   Dried blueberries are integrated into a rich milk chocolate for a decadent desert item sold throughout Europe.  




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