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Now -- That's "Blue-tiful as we say in Blue Dynamo Lingo!"  Korean consumers consider blueberries to be a beauty food.  Blueberries are found in dozens of beauty foods including "skin foods."  They sell at premium prices and are often promoted by popular actresses and K-Pop stars.




The Berry Latest!


  View the Berry Latest health research including citations on health and beauty at:

  "Ginkgo biloba Extract and Bilberry Anthocyanins Improve Visual Function in Patients with Normal Tension Glaucoma." J Med Food.

  "Prophylactic neuroprotection by blueberry-enriched diet in a rat model of light-induced retinopathy." J Nutr Biochem [Epub ahead of print].


Little Blue Dynamo Awards - Seoul!  More than 500 food professionals attended USHBC awards in Seoul honoring innovation with blueberries!

Check out the short video at Youtube and share the excitement!

Blueberry Mania - Spotlight on Korea (Korean new Blueberry Product Introductions - below)


"NABC and USHBC have been active in export market development since 1988 and we are seeing big results!  Put this innovation to work in your market and company!"

감사합니다  Thank you Korea for leading the way! 


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant


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Korean Blueberry Products




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Blueberry Bonanza in Korea!

Ten years ago, when our blueberry team visited South Korea -- we had to explain what a blueberry was.  Today the land of the morning calm is anything but calm about blueberries and even the media is calling it: Blueberry Fever.

>Frozen blueberry shipments are up from less than 200,000 lbs in 2002 to more than 7million lbs in 2012!

Korea is now the leading export market for US frozen blueberries.

>New product introductions have leaped from 1 in 2002 to more than 143 as of the end of July 2012.

What is driving the demand.  Koreans appreciate healthy foods, and have been into nutraceuticals for centuries.  Items like Ginsing, Omija berries and yes -- garlic and kinchee are part of a healthy diet.  A new spin: image conscious Koreans associate bluenerries with beauty and skin.  This has lanched a whole generation of natural beauty products, beauty from within product development.

One other big factor!  Koreans love the taaste of blueberries and this year, they are getting a taste with the opejing of the market to Oregon blueberries.  감사합니다  Thank you Korea for leading the way! 


Back home: Mintel data shows North American Blueberry new products as of end of July 2012 at record clip


Blueberry new product momentum continues!  Already half way through the year, we have seen 811 new blueberry-containing products hit the shelves.  That is a  8.42 % gain  Let's keep it up!


S. Korea Frozen Shipments

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