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Newsletter Issue: Spring 2012

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Make your own Blueberry Juice!


Blueberry Juice Concentrate for consumers!

Imagine -- make 8 pints of blueberry juice from one pint!  While most of today's blueberry juices are ready made from concentrate -- this innovative product from the Blueberry Store in South Haven, Michigan offers the real deal.  The package states you can make 24 - five ounce servings per  bottle!  This product is a hit here in the USA and is also shipped abroad to Korea, India and the Middle East!  Check out the innovative products on the Blueberry Store Website.  www.theblueberrystore.con 


Blueberries in other Juice Categories:


>Carbonated Beverages. More thn 300 new sodas with blueberry launched globally.  Fanta Blueberry Flavor (below) is one of the leading soft drinks in Thailand!


>Hot Beverages.  

Blueberry tea's are on the rise worldwide.  More than 800 new product introductions!  Most are using fiber and powders as well as crystalized powders.  Check out the latest craze in Korea: Blueberry Ice Tea!


RTD = That is beverage talk for Ready to Drink Beverages like coffee and teas.  Check out the Norwegian version of Arizona Ice Tea designed to appeal to the blueberry loving Scandinavians!


Other Beverages:  

Beverages can be a lot more than thirst quenchers around the world.  We find, medicinal and beauty from within drinks.  Check out this blueberry vinegar from  China where blueberries are considered good for skin care and beauty.  



This category is huge around the world and bluenerry juice is a part!  Check out the XXX Antioxidant enriched vitamin  water marketed in Mexico!




The Berry Latest!


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Question: Where can I find blueberry juice?

During the past few years, blueberries -- especially fresh and frozen have been in big demand!  This influences the amount of juice stock available.  The supply situation is looking good for the future.  Check out the supplier list and be in touch!



Blueberry Beverages - New Category Soars (Beverage new blueberry product introductions - below) Source: MINTEL Global New Products Database


Do you remember when most blueberry items in the store were pie fillings and poly bags!  Today, blueberries are found in hundreds of food product categories.  New co-products such as bleberry juice give product developers a great consumer pleasing value added option for juices, sauces and all sorts of categories!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant


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Blueberry  Beverages 2012 (Just a few from Oct)



Bolthouse 100% fruit smoothie 



POM-Bluueberry Pomegranate


100 % Blueberry Juice from Italy



All Fruit Mash for Kids!


Eye-Seen!  Korea


Fresh Blueberry Lemonade, Australia



Blueberry Beverage Mania!

Ten years ago, this author could not find a single blueberry beverage at the localsupermarket.  I called a big juice company and was told they had one blueberry item marketed at Sun City Arizona tailored to seniors!  Have things changed!

Blueberries are now a mainstream juice ingredient, as a single strengh or blended juice.  

This year we expect more than 150 new blueberry product introductions.

In Asia, and Europe we have seen even more impact with more than xx new blueberry products!

What's up?

The answer is health and taste!

Health!  With consumer interest in the bluebery "health halo" a first generation of blueberry beverages were launched in the 1980s in Korea.  One was even called "Eye Berry Gold."  The products were marketed as eye stress relievers and were sold in small viles at grocery stores.  This has become a tradition in Asia.  

Flavor!  The new generation of blended bleberry drinks began in the early 2000s.  Manufacturers experimented with blends of bluebery and apple, cranberry and citrus.  Pomeganate blueberry became the rage.  Blueberries taste great and some synergystic combinations developed leaped in popularity in supermarket sales.

Healthy and Flavorful!

Today's blueberry beverages are both flavorful and healthy!  Manufacturers are experimenting with new combinations and also single strength blueberry juices are capturing a following in the natural foods business and beyond.  Keep an eye out for new bluebery beverage momentum.



Co-product Focus: Blueberry Juices

You may be surprised to know that unlike orange and apple juice -- blueberry juice is not produced as an "intended" or "primary" crop.  Quite simply, blueberries that are not utilized in fresh and frozen are routed to "juice stock."  The product is perfectly fine, but does not meet the criteria of firmness necessary for the fresh and frozen areas.  Juice stock is the raw material utilized to make a variety of blueberry juices.

Single Strength Juice.  Is  pressed into an intense blueberry juice.  For juice sales the product must sometimes be depectinzed with a natural enyme to keep from gelling.  This product is in great demand in the natural foods indusry and also for blending in fresh juices

Blueberry Juice Concentrate.  A substantial amount of juice stock is dedicated to making a 65 brix blueberry juice concntrate.  This is the product that is utilized around the world in most commercial juice products.  The juice is vacuume concentrated to desirable Brix.

See Chart Below.




Supplier List!  Looking for a supplier of powder, or blueberry fiber.  Check out the USHBC supplier list at: or better yet just give Tom a call at: 650-340-8563 or skype at: tpayne11 and I will make sure you are pointed in the right direction!


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