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Newsletter Issue: Spring 2013

New Product Showcase



Slimming Beverage - Canada


Blueberry Wines!

With the acidity of a blueberry it is not easy to make wine, but several companies in the USA and abroad are specializing.  They come in dry, sweet, sparkling and fortified varieties and blends!    



Blueberry Tea - France


Happy Beverage - China

Another..Korean Original.  A whole category of vinegar health beverages.


"Chunky" blueberry drink from China.

Blueberry Cocktail - Canada

Blueberry Beverages are Hot!



One of my first blueberry road-trips was to a major fruit juice manufacturer.  The R&D manager looked puzzled, saying he thought blueberries were for muffins and pies.  Was he ever wrong!  Now blueberries are becoming a mainstream beverage flavor.  They stand alone, are mixed and most importantly taste great.  Consumers love them!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant



Liquid Blueberry Ingredients!

Highbush blueberries are available in a whole range of inredients for beverage formulators.

>65 Brix Juice Blueberry Juice Concentrate is the most commonly form.  It reconstitutes at 8 parts to one with water.  

>Single Strength Blueberry Juice is also available for fresh juice manufacturers.

>A whole range of purees are very well suitable and are available in a variety of packs including shelf stable.  


Blueberry Beverages!  


Look at the new product graph above. They are in just about every category, in countries around the globe!  

Juicy blueberries have certainly been juiced for centuries.  At over 80 percent  liquid content, blueberries are a perfect fruit for creating delicious beverages.  

Historically -- the first commercial blueberry beverage was developed in the 1860 during the American Civil War where blueberry juice was canned as nutrition supplement for the Union Army soldiers.  

Blueberries have been used in fruit beverages ever since:

>A single Strength Juice

>A blended juice with other fruits.

>A smoothie base

>Flavor for energy drinks.

>Wines and beers

Blueberries are hot and in the beverage area -- they are everywhere!




Real Blueberry Juice!

Be on guard.  We are noticing dozens of new "blueberry" beverages introduced this month around the world that do not contain a drop of blueberry juice.  We are contacting these companies to introduce them to the real thing!

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