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New Product Showcase   

Beauty Sells in Mexico!


Mexican New Product 2012

When we first started tracking Mexican new product introductions -- we noted a lot of blue lollypops and artificial, glow-in-the dark beverages!   

Now--Mexico produces some of the most innovative and blueberry rich items in the region.  


Blueberries, or "mora azul" are used in dozens of locally produced fruit fillings for the baking business.




Mexican companies ar quick to integrate real blueberies into drinkable yogurts and horchata (rice drinks).




The Mintel Report says this is dried blueberry!

Kellogg's Mexico!


Kellogg's-Mexico is one of the most innovative healthy products companies in the region.


Gamesa is a large Mexican snack food company with large sales all over Latin America and USA.


The Berry Latest!



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Question: What is the proper translation for blueberries?

  • Blueberries
  • Mora Azul
  • Arándano 

Only in Mexico!

Dulces Chompys "Zombie Head" Blueberry Pops!



Mexico Discovers Blueberries 

Call it "Blueberry" or "Mora Azul"  They love it!


Image below: Mexico New Blueberry Containing Products From Mintel GlobalNew Products Report.


The food industry is always in a state of change!  Who would ever think our neighbors in Mexico would become an active market for our blueberries!  

>Mexican food companies like Kelogg's, Sabritas and Gamesa are innovating on both sides of the border.

>A whole new generation of Latin Americans are growing up with blueberries

>Mexico is now one of our top export markets for frozen blueberries and fresh sales are rising!

Muchas Gracias Mexico!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant


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Blueberries, Mora Azul or Arandano?


We all know that Latin America is not homogeneous.  Languages differ from country to country, region to region and even city to city.  When we first approached Mexico, all of the "experts" told us that they were called arándano, such as they do in Chile and Spain.  In Mexico, arándano refers to the cranberry for the most part.  In Mexican terms, the berry is called "mora" such as the raspberry.  So, many Mexicans call the blueberry "Mora Azul" or blue raspberry.  We are finding that the most highly recognized term is just: "Blueberry!"


Above: Chefs work with blueberry ingedients at Mexico City bakery.  Note: Mexican bakery and food processing giant: Grupo Bimbo is one of the leading baking companies in the worrld and now #1 in all of North America -- which of course includes Mexico, Canada and the USA.


USHBC Booth at Exposition in Mexico City!

Alimentaria, Mexico City

Abastur, Mexico City



Chef Guiseppe cooks with blueberries at a Mexico City food exhibition.  He is a real Blue-Dynamo!


Viva Blueberries!

 I love Mexico, and am happy to report that loves blueberries!  Ten years ago, I attended expositions and met with companies and consumers alike.  Spent most of my time explaining that the blue-berry was edible!  Now, the consumers line up for the blueberry!

Blueberry Boom!

Mexican consumers have seen blueberry products like jams and jellies for decades.  Items like blueberry waffles, and muffins are also found in gourmet stores.  Packages contain graphics of blueberries and the name "blueberry" has a strong recognition -- especially in the northern regions of the country with the most contact with the .

The Big Box!

In the past, imported items such as blueberries traveled a precarious journey from the Border crossings of to wholesale markets or Centro de Abastos in the major cities where stores and restaurants did their wholesale shopping.  In the 1990s, Sams, Walmart, Price Club and other stores entered and began to import items direct.  Mexican based companies followed.  Now fresh, frozen and dried blueberries are available 365 days a year in .  

Local Production!

Now locally produced fresh blueberries from is on the rise and is giving consumers more opportunities to try fresh blueberries.  Mexican growers have the blueberry spirit and are doing a tremendous job of educating the public.   

Ingredient Use:

Despite a "beans and rice" image misperception, Mexican customers are very health and body-mage conscious.  Health and natural food stores are everywhere.  Newspapers and magazines cover the latest health beauty and nutrition trends.  Mexican companies such as Pan Fuller, El Globo and Sabritas have all utilized blueberries in new products.  Last year more than 60 and we expect more by the end of 2012.

Above: MExico Bluebrry Usage Categories 2010>

Below: Mexico Shipments of Fresh And Frozen Blueberries - US Customs Data to October 2012 (USD value)


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