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Blueberry Pride!  Father and son "blueberry team" from Green Pearl, (India) proudly show off their new dried blueberry product available all over India!


USHBC Provides Samples and Tech Know How for Product Development!

All sales folk will tell you the phrase we want to hear: "Send me a sample."   In India, for frozen blueberries, this is not so simple.   USHBC works with the US Department of Agriculture - foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) to accelerate the sampling process.  With the Quality Samples Program (QSP), USHBC stocks generic samples of frozen blueberries in India and distributes to companies nationwide for evaluation and product testing and development.   Some of the products shown on this page are a result of this effort which continues!



Ultra premium dried blueberries from "Green Pearl."  Note how the package proudly uses "America's Dried Blueberry!"


Blueberry Lassi is the traditional Indian version of the "Smoothie."  Typically the Indian like a Mango Lassi, but this version from dairy giant Danone is getting a lot of attention from the young and upwardly mobile.



"Blueberry Blast" Breakfast bar from Bite Rite. Perfect for the executive on the run!



"Blueberry Crush" from Delta Nutratives, contains 27% blueberry pulp in a fresh squeezed nutraceutical beverage sold all over India.





I just returned from a trip to India.  Was I surprised with the interest in blueberries!   Ten years ago, USHBC attended an exhibition and nobody knew what blueberries were!   Today, they are the talk of the country,   Each day there is a new article on the health and beauty benefits of blueberries published in the major newspapers.    New products contain blueberries.  National TV advertisements tout the benefits of real blueberries!   "Namaste!"


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant




Owner of Orchard Foods, Mumbai displays a successful new blueberry filling made in India with American blueberries.   Bakers all over India are seeking fillings for pies, pastries and other items.  


Fresh blueberries are new, and growing in popularity.   This year, USHBC will conduct fresh blueberry promotions in several national chains!


India Discovers Blueberries!

What' going on in the sub-continent of 1 billion plus population.  Blueberries are creating a buzz in the supermarkets and media.



"Very Berry" Frozen Blueberries!


Health "Halo" - India has century old food-as-health traditions called Ayurveda.  It is quite complicated, but simply -- certain foods are considered beneficial for specific health benefits.   Blueberries seem to fit a whole range of Ayureveda categories and although they are not traditional, they certainly are appreciated.   

Media - Check out the Times of India artiles below which is written by a staff writer not affiliated with the USHBC.   Almost each week we see new articles published on the benefits of blueberries for skin care, weight loss and this one on love life!  Of course USHBC does not condone these claims, but they just keep on coming and tend to be woven into the fabric of a new India health halo.

Image.  Millions of Indians are on the move and living, working and studying outside of India and are gaining first hand exposure to blueberries.    USHBC has noted that fresh blueberries are one of the prime gifting items which returning Indians bring home from journeys. 

New Products and Availability!

Now blueberries are available all over India in fresh form in the supermarkets as well as in products on the shelf.  Where imported blueberry items were the vanguard, Indian companies are stepping up to develop locally-made fillings, bakery items such as muffins and dairy products.


Internet Search:  Type in the words: Tmes of India & Blueberries and see what comes up!  Check out some of the screen shots below:





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Blueberries were included in a list of six foods for weight loss.  

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