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Newsletter Issue: Winter, 2012

New Product Showcase   

Blueberries on label!.


Little Blue Dynamos for Pets!

 Here are just a some of the information provided on blueberry containing pet foods:


"Made with Real Fruits and 

natural flavors."


"Contains only healthy ingredients, such as blueberries."


"Contains Biologically Appropriate Ingredients such as blueberries."


"Real organic and wholestic ingredient made with only the very finest ingredients."




The Berry Latest!


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Question:  Is it safe to feed blueberries to pets?

Ask any blueberry grower and they will tell you that their dog is crazy for blueberries!

We have read dozens of posts on various internet sites and the consensus seems to indicate that there is  any negative effect of pet blueberry consumption:

>USHBC even publishes a wonderful Doggie Biscotti!


2012 Pet Food Introdctions with Blueberries! (partial list)

  • Puppy Food, Nutra
  • Blue Buffalo, Chicken and Beef Entree
  • Waggin Train, Trout and Blueberry Cat Food
  • Well Pet, Weight Management Formula
  • Aurthur Dogswell, Beef & Veggie Bars
  • Halo Purely for Pets, Vegan Garden Medley
  • Merrick Pet Care, Puppy Recipe
  • Zukes LLC, Beef Blueberry Recipe
  • Blue Buffalo, Ideal Weight formula
  • VIP Petfoods, NZ; Skin and Coat Formula
  • Fresh Pet, Peanut Butter & Apple with Blueberry Yogurt
  • Ainesworth Pet Nutrition, Canada; Oatmeal & Berries
  • NULO, Chicken & Bluenberries
  • Taste of the Wild, Grain Free with Blueberries
  • Halo Purely for Pets, Vegan Dog Food with Blueberries

Blueberry Pet Food - New Category Soars (Pet food new blueberry product introductions - below) Source: MINTEL Global New Products Database


A major role of the USHBC is to find new uses and markets for highbush blueberries.  This month we discuss the use of blueberries in pet foods which is becomming common in the multi billion dollar pet food business.  Some thought this was a fad, but each month it continues to grow!  Thank you pet owners everywhere for creating this wonderful new use for blueberries!

- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant


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Blueberry  Pet Foods








Blueberry Pet Food Bonanza!

Ten years ago this author visited the Global Pet Expo annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.  I had a quick spin through the pet food, furniture and clothing exhibits!  Not a blueberry in sight!  Ten years later, I spent day engaged with pet food manufacturers concerning blueberries!  The Little Blue Dynamo is red hot in pet foods.


>Everyone of us who has an old dog at home, knows the value of keeping them fit and healthy.  The antioxidant and anti-aging messages resonate with pet owners.  Dozens of anti-aging formulas have been developed including blueberries with other healthy ingredients. More and more are introduced each month and the trend is worldwide!

>New cat foods have been introduced in the last two years comntaining blueberries. Research has shown that blueberries help guard against urinary tract infections.  All of us cat lovers can tell you that these infections are trouble.  Perhaps a diet including blueberries will help keep the cat out of the vet office.  Other Animals.  Check out the USHBC site to see the many blueberry containing pet foods.  This includes horse rations, rabbits and all sorts!  We see this trand continuing for years to come!


Co-product Focus: Blueberry Powders and fiber. 

Many pet food companies are utilizing dehudrated blueberries in pet food formulations.  The "gold standard" is the air dried, freeze dry powder or flash dried powder and even microwave vacuumed powders and flakes.  In these processes, moisture is removed from the blueberry.  Nothing is added, just the water is removed.   Other manufacturers seek a blueberry fiber which is the skin of the blueberry which is removed during making of juice or puree.   All of these products are available year round and are custom processed to fir the exact needs of the pet food company.



Supplier List!  Looking for a supplier of powder, or blueberry fiber.  Check out the USHBC supplier list at: or better yet just give Tom a call at: 650-340-8563 or skype at: tpayne11 and I will make sure you are pointed in the right direction!


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