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Year-end 2013

Really Interesing New Blueberry Products



Mascot Mania!

Meet "Dyna" our Korean blueberry Mascot.  Next issue we will introduce her friend Mo!

Recently USHBC held a mascot contest in Korea with 70 designers submitting entries. Designs included "Gagnam-style" blueberries in PSY sunglasses, a blueberry health sheriff and numerous hello-kitties, squirrels, godzillas and blue aliens--to describe a few! Mascots are an important part of marketing in Asia!  We kind of like them here too!


Interesting 2013 Products




ISIS, Blueberry Jam - Denmark.  100 percent blueberry!



Gammon (Ham) with dried blueberry sauce, Tesco, UK.  




Blueberry Drink Yogurt, Tho Dairy, Vietnam



Blueberry Pudding - Korea




North America New Blueberry Products (Three-year Averages)

USHBC monitors new product introductions around the world using a subscription to MINTEL Global New Product Database (GNPD).  Mintel staff around the world frequently visit stores of all types, and record and photo all sorts of data on food products.  Having spent hours looking around stores, in cold storage and crowds, I sure do appreciate the service.  We use the data to identify trends and opportunities.  Companies everywhere want to know what's new!  Well -- here it is!


- Tom Payne
USHBC Food  Industry Consultant




  • Blueberry "beauty from within."
  • Ultra-premium pet foods.
  • More new blueberries were developed outside of North America than within in 2013!
  • Blueberry juice has become mainstream!

New Blueberry Products Continue!

Blueberry product development in North America is still running strong.  This year around 1,000 new products were launched ranging from breakfast cereals to desserts.  Some observations:

  • Nearly all blueberry-containing products contain prominent blueberry identification and blueberry graphics.
  • Health benefits are listed including antioxidants.  The term "Super Food" is commonly used.
  • Several prominent products which utilized artificial blueberries in the past have converted to real blueberries!  Some products now include the descriptor: "With Real Blueberries!" 
  • Looking at the ingredient statements, we note that the blueberry ingredient is rising  higher on the list.   Manufacturers are capitalizing on the current supply situation to improve perceived quality with more real fruit.
  • Blueberries are used in more categories. In fact, we figure that around one-third of the new products developed in the past three years are in categories that did not exist ten years ago
  • New blueberry ingredinets such as fiber (skins), powders, dried and micro-dried are opening new low-moisture product categories.




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